reinstall help vista pre installed

    cut long store short

    mates advent 7133/ 7113 hard drive reporting failure
    pre installed home vista
    no recovery disks
    win serial on back of laptop

    going to get new hd
    if i install from a retail disk
    can i use the serial from underneath


    Nope. You need an OEM DVD to re-install. I had this issue with a mates Compaq. Installed using a full Vista DVD and tried the number on the bottom. No deal. Called microsoft activation line and told it is not a serial number buta license number to prove its genuine. They said call Compaq/HP. Did and they confirmed the same. As the backup didn't work and the hard drive was dead and replaced, all they could do was offer to send out a OEM install Vista DVD. Mate took it back to staples and got it changed as culdn't be bothered waiting. None of this was on an Advent but will probably be the same. Try contacting Advent and asking for a OEM install DVD. Their tech support should help.


    just have a look for a torrent that matches the sticker on the bottom and burn it to a disc.......oem and youll be fine

    don't use a torrent, so many with hidden goodies

    if the =drive hasn't completely failed u may be able to clone/ghost over the recovery partition to the new hdd and take it from there
    buy a seagate or maxtor hdd and u get access to a free copy of acronis software to do this from seagates website

    Original Poster

    so clone would be best of whole drive or recovery

    and if i got oem disk no key would it work on his key

    This web page has info about doing a clean install of Vista on a laptop, instead of reinstalling what came pre-installed with your laptop from whatever manufacturer.



    so clone would be best of whole drive or recoveryand if i got oem disk no … so clone would be best of whole drive or recoveryand if i got oem disk no key would it work on his key

    its likely you will get problems doing the whole drive if its failing, i would just do the recovery and then run that, an oem disk will do the job but sounds like you don't have one.
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