Reinstate Ebuyer, Ban Shop Direct (Very, Littlewoods et al)

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Found 30th Jan 2010
Hello Boys and Girls.

Well in a nutshell, I think the decision to ban Ebuyer is a silly one. Fair enough, they were a little naughty and self promoted themselves, but is that really such a crime when compared to what the Shop Direct Group do to customers on a regular basis?! For those not aware of the SDGs past crimes, here is a brief summary:
> A few years back, a load of us ordered stuff using some codes, a whole two months down the line, they attempted to rescind the vouchers, even though a legally binding contract had been formed as they had sent the goods. For those that had opened credit accounts, the vouchers were simply deducted from the balance. However, for those that were wise enough to pay by card, they ILLEGALLY opened credit accounts for them! This made national news and eventually they backed down as I think they realised they would not win...
> All the CS staff I have dealt with are rude and pig ignorant. There is no consistency in the lies they tell people as to why their orders have been cancelled. Indeed, you are lucky if you actually get informed that your order is cancelled!
> Recently there was a "mis-price" on their site. They accepted the orders, took people's money and in some cases, even performed credit checks (even though they were paying by card). Most of the orders were cancelled (some were fulfilled), but instead of refunds being automatic, people had to ring up and get the monies refunded, which is not far from attempted theft if you ask me and some people are still waiting for their money back even now! The reasons given were that they had no stock, or it was a misprice, or something else I cannot remember - no consistent message! The item is now back on the various SDG sites at the "correct" price, so to say they had no stock is a work of pure fiction.
> They think their T&Cs are above the law, which they are not.

So in a nutshell, they are liars, they perform illegal acts with opening credit accounts and they take your money with absolutely no intention of fulfilling the order. Surely these actions are far worse than self promotion of a few deals? Anyway, who cares who submits the deals anyway?! I mean, it will be the people who decide if a deal is a deal or not - doesn't matter who posted it, surely?!

So, I start this thread/campaign in the hope that we can finally rid this site of the parasite that is Shop Direct Group...



P.S. I am in no way affiliated with Ebuyer or any of it's subsidiaries



Original Poster



Care to elaborate?



Care to elaborate?

a) ebuyer self-promoted
b) home shopping direct didnt
c) it's been asked countless times before for ebuyer to be allowed back
d) answer is no
e) will always be no until the moderators see fit
f) you used the codes yourself, therefore you're responsibility, read HSD's T&C.

They won't have ebuyer back because ebuyer don't pay referral commission whereas littlewoods etc do.

You didn't think this site was a charity, did you?



They won't have ebuyer back because ebuyer don't pay referral commission … They won't have ebuyer back because ebuyer don't pay referral commission whereas littlewoods etc do.You didn't think this site was a charity, did you?

Ebuyer were reinstated a few days ago by the way :…=12
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