Posted 22nd Jan 2023
Any ideas on the the following scenario please?

Signed the wife up for a new O2 contract a couple of months ago. All fine. When I tried to get one for myself I was rejected? My credit score is 999/999 and 1000/1000 on two different credit sites. My bank says no problems and no response from email addresses provided by phone company. Tried again today for three mobile and got the same. Yet when talking to the live chat, they did a check and I passed but can’t offer a good deal. This is bizarre and there seems to be no explanation or way of getting an answer. I even tried getting another contract using my wife’s details again. But no joy.
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    ID Mobile won't give me a 30-day contract, despite being mortgage-free, no debts, etc etc. Just laugh at them. Lebara give the best deals anyway, imo.
    Having no mortgage or debts can sometimes count against you and your credit score as you are then not in the 'system'. It's always wise to keep a credit card ticking over and pay it off every month so at least then they can see you are good at paying off your debts on time (edited)
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    Every company has their own criteria to decide with whom they want to do business; there is no point in taking it personally as even the customer service agents have no idea.

    Also, credit scores are useless in UK but what should be checked is if there is anything incorrectly recorded on the credit file - a default, CCJ, etc.
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    Credit score to be polite is a load of tosh.
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    Have you been a customer of theirs before? Maybe they've flagged you for some reason?
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    Computer says "No!".....that literally is the issue. No human does checks. It's ridiculous.
    ye same when I wanted to go from pay as go smart meter to contract,and it was just a no from computer no why, just no when credit score good, moved now into house which already on contract,lol was a win win,now if only could get a good tariff again
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    It is apparently completely random. I have a perfect credit score and Vodafone were unable to explain why i was rejected. All they'd say is "refer to Experian", but when I do it just says I have a 999 score and still no explanation. Companies should be required to be more transparent with things like this.
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    Same credit score - rejected by Three for no reason last week - already have mobile broadband and a mobile contract with them but seemingly can't be trusted with another one.
    credit score is a meaningless number. Look at the information in your credit file, how much debt, how many accounts, registered on the electoral role at the right address.
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    it can work in a strange way. i signed up for a lloyds bank credit card, worked fine. hubby tried and got rejected. no idea why as he never got turned down for other credit cards.

    nothing you can do.
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    Not had any credit in over 10 year, good score though.
    Got 2, three contracts and new bank accounts without issue.
    Makes no sense does it.
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    Call them up
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    Be careful of applying for the contracts, they are hard searches after all so will have a negative impact on credit score

    Having said that, took me two goes of applying for an O2 SIMO and they accepted me second go (edited)
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    @HappyShopper has already posted the link to the thread I created.
    I have a perfect credit score and it really miffed me off as I have never been turned down for anything ever, after signing up to all credit agencies I found that no credit checks had been done by Three.
    They just decided nope I cannot have a new contract, so in the end I got the daughter to get one for me and I will transfer the direct debit to me after the first month as I tried when she did it and they will not allow it for the first month.
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    did you sign the wife up under your account too?
    Perhaps sign yourself up under her account..
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    Yep credit scores are just a number that means very little, I had a perfect 999 score for many years but when I paid off my mortgage in full 10 years early by making extra payment each month 8 weeks later my score plummeted into the high 700's it's taken 3 years now to go back into the 980+ range.
    Even though it went down to 700 I was still able to get finance of £19,000 to assist buying a new car. (edited)
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    I agree scores on their own do not mean much.
    Just moved house recently and with all the changes with utilities, bigger mortgage etc my score took a huge hit.
    My car also got stolen so had to get a new one on finance, again more credit checks etc.

    Was able to get a new 14k kitchen on interest free offer recently even with my low credit score. They just look at your income and outgoings and see if you can afford it. Mortgage is harder to get as they also consider what if rates increase or what will your income be in the future etc.

    As mentioned above sometimes companies reject you for their own internal purposes.
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    There's no such thing as a credit score
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    I concur with all the comments above, for the credit score is no more than a roll of two dodecahedron dice. For mobile phone contracts, one requires the total of dice roll above 9 (out of 23) for the contract to be accepted.

    So I guess you were unlucky, as there ≈ 70% chance of being accepted.

    As Clint Eastwood would, "Do you feel lucky, punk ?" if you do, "play it again, Sam".