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Rejoining Virgin Media as a new customer once contract ends

Posted 9th Jun 2018
My 12 month contract is coming to an end, I've looked around for something comparable but no other provider can match the speed/price (for new customers) Virgin are providing. I am paying £30 for 200meg (free upgrade from 100meg a few months back) and unlimited calls.

So I called Virgin with the intentions of keeping my contract at the same price, they wouldn't budge and said it'll go up to ~£45 iirc. I asked what's stopping me from cancelling and signing up as a new customer, the rep pretty much said nothing is.

I'll seen what the retention team have to offer if and when they call, but there's very little to counter with consider no other provider does 100+ meg, heck Sky are doing 50meg for £35. So if there's no movement with the retention team, I guess my only option would be to rejoin as a new customer.

I've seen a few threads floating around regarding this matter, there's been differing answers; a thread says 3 months another says 6 months. Has anyone rejoined after their contract ended?

TL;DR - Virgin broadband price going up after 12 months initial contract. I cancelled and plan on rejoining as a new customer. Is there a waiting period or can I rejoin straight away?
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