Relatively inexpensive Laptop

    I am utterly technically inept and will not be using a lap top for a great deal other than using the internet, possibly down loading
    some music etc.

    I'm not looking to spend a huge amount of money and am not necessarily looking for a new machine

    can any one help?


    what sort of budget do you have? you can find used and reconditioned laptops suitable for internet use and p2p etc for under £200, but its worth considering how you wish to use it - do you want a large or small laptop, does the battery life matter? (Used laptops will almost certainly have much weaker battery life than new models)

    If you want new you can get Windows XP based laptops for between about £280 and £350 at a lot of places, with Vista (the new Windows OS) laptops from about £350 upwards.

    Some new ones to consider:
    £290 (delivered, via google-checkout) at Ebuyer…093
    Lots here (from £250!)…d=0

    Dell usually offer a very cheap laptop, although often it only comes with a 90-day warranty.

    If you can afford a bit more you will get a dual-core processor and more memory and hard-drive space, which also means it will be more futureproof. If you want to play (3d) games you will likely have to spend a bit more to get a good graphics card. There are many deals appearing on this site for laptops but they often don't last too long - my friend ordered a Compaq dual-core Vista Premium laptop with 1Gb ram from Currys last Friday for £360 thanks to a short-term 10% deal from this site so there are some very good deals to be had.

    Original Poster

    thanks very much.

    I don't think battery life will be an issue, the only reason I decided on
    a laptop was for saving space. So it will be plugged in the to the mains for the majority of the time

    Its probably also worth looking at second hand models then - all down to how much you are prepared to spend really. For what its worth I think the £290 from ebuyer will be quite hard to beat value wise, for a branded laptop with dvd-rw and 512mb ram.
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