relatives, if they are my cousins.......

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Found 12th Jun 2010
what are they to my children????

hubby and i cant work it out!

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2nd cousins

2nd cousins

I might be totally wrong but wont they be half cousins.....hopefully someone can confirm or give you the right answer.

Got in late as usual...probably 2nd cousins.

Wow choc that goes into details...i was def wrong half cousins are to do with remarrying...

Both me and my partner are only children so i always feel sorry for my 2 boys as they dont have any cousins, uncles or aunts.

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2nd cousins

thats what i said i thought they were and hubby disagreed! lol thanks very much :thumbsup:

i think its something like cousin once removed whatever that means.


:? just had a quick look at this !! my head is pickled now :w00t:,lol

2nd cousin btw

pretty much nothing.

Lol, this sort of thing always confuses me! The following 2 in particular

My cousins daughter
My mums cousins daughter (relation to me)


Well that was easy to follow..................NOT :thumbsup:


Lol, this sort of thing always confuses me! The following 2 in … Lol, this sort of thing always confuses me! The following 2 in particularMy cousins daughterMy mums cousins daughter (relation to me)

tbh ive give up trying to work it out now, as you get older and your cousins daughter daughters has just had a daughter ! it gets mighty confusing :w00t: so i just say 'family' lol

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lol i havent seen these 2 for over 15 years so we have a bit of catching up to do!


I have recently found my mum's cousin.

He is in his fities and is lovely.

He was fostered when he was a baby now he knows his mum is alive and well.



Thanks for that gorgeous.

Hope you are well x x


2nd uncles / aunties

their children will be 2nd cousins to your children

seems like I may be wrong from earlier answers lol


pretty much nothing.

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