Release Estimate Of Next Graphics

    Does anyone know the timeline of when the better than AMD VEGA Cards will release.
    I would like cards that don't just do 4K but do it with such ease VR, high hz etc, more future proof .
    So likely to skip the VEGA and Maybe Volta till the even more impressive lineup.
    Is Volta likley to be better than VEGA or does anyone know timeline of next big architecture/s and est arrival?

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    Most sites indicate Q2 2017, so that's between March and June although the most recent article simply states "first half of 2017" (

    Given that the first week of Feb is nearly over I think its safe to say it won't be released in March.

    On another note, I would be very surprised if a single flagship model could offer

    don't just do 4K but do it with such ease

    in all games.
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