Reliable Desktop Package - cheap as poss?

Found 5th Feb 2010
Hi guys, I am looking for a good deal on a desktop package (complete with monitor, keyboard etc) The best I have found so far is a Compaq in the PC World sale for £329 - does anyone know of anything cheaper that will offer the same level of free aftercare/warantee? I don't to go on eBay or buy secondhand in case in conks out and then I'm not covered? Thanks...

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Hi Andy

Have you any ideas what you intend to use the computer for, In my exp PC world are over priced i can openly tell you this as i work for the reseller who supplies them Lol.

Original Poster

I really will only be using it for word processing, bookeeping (so excel and word!) and for surfing the net! All my photos/videos etc will stay on my laptop and I'm not really into gaming or anything so not too fussed about swanky graphics or stuff like that! Just looking for a fancy typewriter which I can also go online with I suppose!!
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