Reliable easy to run desktop for my folks up to £300 (or less?)

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Found 2nd Feb 2010
My folks need a basic desktop for internet, office, photos (not editing), iplayer HD, watching DVDs etc.

Need about 100gb.

They already have a monitor/TV they want to keep.

I have dabbled in second hand computers etc but they have always caused me hassle breaking down, impossible to get parts for.

My ideal would be something with a decent warranty and support line.

I will also need a new mouse and keyboard.

I was considering the tesco deal been around a while now, is it still a decent deal?


I would have to sell the monitor prolly get £80 ish? Bit of a pain if there is a decent deal with out a monitor.

Not too bothered about OS I have a spare copy of win 7 (basic one) I could use (but if not I could sell so take into account in price - £40?)

I know my folks would easily survive with a P4 type of speed computer but it really is key that this computer is reliable and easy to use and run!

Other option I saw was this one..obviously you pay extra for its compactness and I would need to buy an external DVD player (£30?).its pretty sexy and Im sure my folks would like not having a massive pc box.


Would even consider the extra £100 for the dual core one if it was necessary.

Would the basic one do for my folks?

Thanks in advance!


This one works out ok budget wise meshcomputers.com/Def…ox1

£301.73 including delivery

Intel® Pentium™ Dual Core™ E5400 Processor(2.7GHz,2MB Cache,800MHz)
No OS Installed
Mini-Tower Micro ATX Chassis with 300W PSU - Piano Black
ASUS P5QPL-AM Mainboard - Intel Core™ 2 Duo/Quad Core MATX
4GB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM - (2x 2GB)
500GB Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB Buffer
22x Dual Layer DVD Writer Super Format +R/-R/RW/RAM
256MB Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 - (P5QPL-AM)
5.1 High Definition onboard sound card - 6 Channel Cinema sound
Logitech Deluxe Keyboard & Optical Mouse (Corded) - Black
1 Year Return to Base Hardware Warranty - inc 3 Months Free Collect & Return


The basic price doesn't include the keyboard and mouse, just click on customise and add them to get the price I quoted above.

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I'm out of touch with CPU's at the moment.

The tesco one is quad core and the mesh one is duel core and more expensive (if I sell the monitor) by the time I have added windows 7 to the mesh one?

Which CPU is 'better'? Obviously either will be wasted on my folks but the more 'future proof' the better!

Edit - quick ebay check shows I could get an easy £50 for the compaq monitor - total price £320

Mesh would be £360 by the time I have added Win 7 and mouse and keyboard

How do they compare?

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bump for this - anyone else be any help?

Is the tesco deal still good?

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somthing like this?http://www.ebuyer.com/product/176488

Good price but I would need to add an OS (if it was for me I might use something 'free')

Allow £40 for the OS then its knocking on the door of the tesco quad core one.

I think I'll order the tesco one - should be high enough spec for my folks to get a good few years use out it.

Edit: Quick google later. Interestingly there is not much between the zoostorm one and the compaq chips (although the compaq has a graphics card)


If you already had an OS that zoostorm looks to be a good buy - rep given

Even a self build isn't worth it, just get the tesco one.


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I have the tesco one sat in front of me - bit peeved it has not got the graphics card it specifies - worse graphics ability than my 4 year old laptop!

My worry is that they do not need the screen so I was going to flog it but will this cause me a problem with the warranty - ie I will not be able to return the entire thing if I need to??
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