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Posted 30th Oct
I have old family photos on an external hard drive that failed (just makes a clicking sound but is not detected by my PC). Can anyone recommend a reliable drive recovery company, preferably in or around Manchester?
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Have you tried different it in a different computer? If its photos you really want back its worth sending to hard drive recovery place. One thing you can try is replacement of the main control board for hard drive make shore its exactly the same make model and firmware as existing drive.
Take drive out of external box plug in direct to pc. Try that
Not sure about local, but you’d be hard pushed to beat Ontrack. It’s not cheap though!...

Does sound to me like the drive has gone. Likely that the arm is jumping back and forth across the platter, hence the noise, so it’s very unlikely that you could fix it yourself
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Kroll. Not cheap. Honest. They don’t quote a price to lure you and then jack it up every few days like some there.
Yes, I took it out of the external enclosure and connected it directly inside my desktop PC and it is not detected by Windows.
You can connect and reconnect all you like, it will not make a difference. Trust me, once the arm fails, there is no getting it to work again, unless you are very lucky that a replacement board works, although I doubt it. The only real way to recover the data is by taking it to a proper data recovery specialist who can open the drive in a clean environment and retrieve the data from the actual disc inside.
I used to do data recovery and hit a lot of drives with a small hammer when they had fluid dynamic bearing issues. It was often enough to get the drive to spin up and grab the data. The best part about being in data recovery back then is I got customers to sign a waiver removing my responsibilities for the data and operating of the drive.

I operated on no fix no fee so had a lot of customers despite my less than professional methods.

OP my other trick was keeping hundreds of old drives and doing platter swaps under a fume hood. Lewis Rossman has a video regarding this. Find the same make and model and perform a quick platter swap.

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Makes me laugh how I've been telling people to keep multiple backups for 20 years now and the is still a need for data recovery services.
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When will people ever learn always back up to cloud also and dvd discs.

External hard drives are about as reliable as french cars....
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Try Disklabs.

I have used them several times professionally and once personally all with positive results.

I last used them in 2013 at a cost of £474.
I had a similar problem. Mine got wacked and was clicking, all data dissapeared. I tried all sorts of things, left it for ages hoping to send it off to get recoverd but tried this and it worked.…or/ it still clicks but i was able to recover all the data using the CHKDSK method.
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Put it in an airtight bag in the freezer for a couple of hours, then give it a go
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