Reliable Mobile Phone???

Found 13th Oct 2006
Any ideas for the a reliable mobile phone for under £150 pay as you go preferably with camera and flash.

Recently had a siemens which broke down!!:-(
Now need a reliable phone.

Found Sony K750i for £100, anything better than that?

Please help!!!
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i would go 4 the K750i, because that is the most reliable phone that i know of. nokias are also very reliable, but just dont go 4 motorolas.
watch the joy stick on the k750i, they have been known to stick

I'm very happy with my v3i. There are a lot of good phones out there at the moment, i guess it boils down to individual taste (flip phone/slide etc)

My last 2 phones have both been motorola's, and no probs with either. My mrs has a sony and my eldest has a samsung...both have been very good
even with the joystick ?
I had problems with my old K750's joystick. I cleaned it with an old toothbrush and it was like new after that.
I've had my K750i for exactly 6 months. No problems at all. Camera on it is great, although I seem to have broken mine, possibly through taking pictures of the sunset. I say broken - it's just got a slightly grey area.

Anyway, I posted it on Orange. You pay £99.99 and get £20 airtime, so effective phone cost of £79.99. And it's worth every penny!!

I Would Suggest A Contract So Many Deals At The Moment And Sum With No Line Renatal And The Handsets Are Pretty Good The Latest One They Have Is The W810i Free Line Rental Its At One Stop Phone Shop.
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