Reliable Place to Buy M3 Real DS **UPDATE**

Found 23rd Jan 2008
As title....I dont want to wait weeks.

Looking for someplace reliable to buy that has it instock
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Dont go through Deal extreme,to volumerate,I ordered and payed for one on the 7th dec 2007,never got it ,they dont reply to emails and i am trying to get my cash back from paypal.
STAY CLEAR.Dealetreme did not want to help even though i bought it via there site.
Be warned...
Thats why i'm asking. I know deal extreme takes awhile and thanks. I am planning to avoid them.
I've had no problems with DX. Received my 'light pen' today
how long ago did you order it ?
Deal extreme like all HK companies were excellent, but after they get warnings from goverment they lose their appeal its like CD Wow

I ordered a R4 back in October and paid about £7 on top of regular postage for the guaranteed 3 day UPS service to UK.

Waited 4 weeks for it to arrive!
Zenus Get it from…php i got it witin 4 Days

there UK Based & Great Service & Have DSTT Instock....
Ummm who is Zenus ?

Ummm who is Zenus ?

oops sorry meant zeus
These are a good price ]http//ww…4d3 £29.99
But is it a reliable place to buy from ? I know how much they cost and who sells them but dont what shops are reliable as never bought from any of them before
I have used model-gadget before and received the goods within 3 days via recorded delivery. That was back in october though but there service seemed good and i have seen other people on different forums recommend them
I got my M3 from model-gadget as well, back in early 2007 I believe. Delivery was fast as far as I can remember.

how long ago did you order it ?

About 18 days ago. PS2 memory card and iPod crystal case arrioved after 10 days, and the pen arrived 8 days later in a seperate package. Acceptable, considering it is from HK.
Thanks E1. I will try Model Gadget
I thought I'd add that I ordered a M3 DS Real from ]http//ww…com yesterday morning & it has just arrived!

I'm well chuffed!
Well i ordered from and when i click on recent orders there is none. I ordered on the 23rd of Jan. I have the Reciept email from worldpay Transaction for the value of: GBP 34.79
Description: Purchase from ]
Merchant's cart ID: osCsid=a45f3914dd599fd1a4a7398*********
Authorisation Date/Time: 23/Jan/2008 18:31:40
WorldPay's transaction ID: 1836******

Not heard or seen anything yet.....I sure hope they deliver as the website doesnt even seem to be working now.
I got the Perfect bundle from - came the next day
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