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Found 9th Mar 2011

I am looking for reliable single trip cover for the USA. I am there for 15 days, and 30 years old. I do not wanna do any dangerous activities, but medical expense should be covered with at least £5 Mio and also the case of cancelation of the trip due to illness with up to £1500. Can anyone recommend me here something, ideally with Quidco cash back

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Mayb not the best price but one of the best covers around is the post office travel insurance, some of the really cheap ones u need to check small print thoroughly , as lots of things aren't covered. Ie. Strikes, ash clouds and cancelled flights!
have you looked at virgin travel insurance? I took out a policy with them when I went to usa at the end of last year and I'm the same age as you. They covered lots of things that the other insurers were not too. Also if you have a credit card or anything with virgin mention it and they give you 20% off the the total policy price
i'm looking for the same.
virgin money travel insurance have some exclusive deals on moneysupermarket dot com
multi annual @ about £24
single trip @ about £17

as has been mentioned in the above posts, check the details and small print as a lot of other cheaper do not cover for some things.
Heres a guide on What your travel insurance should cover
which i suggest you have a look at as some people go for the cheaper option and think they would be covered, regardless.

And i personally would recommend Your text here
I usually go with aviva and £9 quidco back as well on a single trip policy
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