Reliant direct reliable?

Found 8th Nov 2017
Looking to pick up a Samsung KS7000 tv for use with the Xbox One X and the cheapest place is Reliant Direct. I personally have never heard of them but they seem to have good reviews. Anyone use them before?
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gazman0909701 h, 2 m ago

Trustpilot seems to give favorable reviews …Trustpilot seems to give favorable reviews

Have a look at John Lewis and then you may think again about trustpilot. It does give a good indication of a compsny if the reviews are favourable but one easier way is to check past threads on here plenty of comments normally from people often without agendas which is often what you see on review sites.
I was thinking about the same telly from reliant direct but gave up finally as most of their last year stock is "reboxed" and you have to pay extra for extended warranty. Rang them up and I didn't like the way they spoke with me. Picked up Panasonic 58ex700b from JL and I'm more than happy with it. And £500 saved in my pocket
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