Relocating to UAE (or middle east)

    I am considering relocating in the UAE (or middle east) and wanted to know if anyone has done this before ? I need to do my homework in terms of costs for accomodation, heatlhcare, insurances etc and other things that I cannot envisage right now.

    I have found this site which is a great starting point I think…uae

    but dont think it completes the picture. I would need some help from soneone who has done this or knows someone who has done this for real. I know this is happening moe and more so hope someone can help.



    google "forums" - there are loads of expat sites for Dubai, tons etc

    I know accommodation costs for dubai are v high and that you should try and get accommodation included in any salary package.

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    Thanks fairy.
    You are right, there are quite a few. Any you would recommend ?

    I lived in riyad in Saudi for a year and loved it. First of all do you have a job to go to? I have friends in Dubai and have visited several times but they both work in Dubai. Not sure if you can just go and live with out the work. Dubai is very expensive now and property prices have doubled recently. My husband has a recruitment company and deals mainly with jobs in the middle east so he visits quite often. He hates Dubai now as it is so built up and the roads are so busy due to all the building work going on.Abu Dabi is alot quiter and proprty prices are cheaper. If you get a job in the middle east it usually includes housing expenses but you would have a look see first so you could get a feel for the place. Good luck.

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    many thanks dawnmace.
    I dont have a job secured there yet but I only decided today I want to move to the UAE (preferablly abu dhabi as per your reasons above). I am looking for a job now and seen a few recruiters in middle east. What kind of jobs does your husband deal with ... it might be worth me getting in touch with him to see if he can help !

    Thanks again.

    My husband lives in Qatar which is about half hour flight from Saudi / Dubai etc. Personally I don't like the place which is why I stay in the UK!!

    Most ex pats enjoy the lifestyle out there but there are points to consider as previously mentioned - do you have family? There is not an awful lot to do in Qatar except shop ... to live in Qatar you need to have sponsorship which comes with your job and things can be awkward if you want to leave for another job. You also need a resident permit then you need an alcohol permit (if you wish to purchase alcohol from the bonded warehouse) - all this can only be obtained with proof of sponsorship.

    Hubby rents an apartment which costs approx £2000 per month!!!! but is included as part of his employment package.

    There is a big boom in the middle east at the moment but you may want to try looking at places such as Oman or Bahrain as they are only just beginning their boom as opposed to Dubai which is at its peak and Qatar which is well on its way...

    All the best whatever you decide
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