anyone else had any trouble with the RM (royal mail) either yonk ago or recently?

i had a package go missing once and after i reported it to the RM i always recieved my packages or whatever on time.:thumbsup:


I've had things get permanently lost before, and received a refund. I've equally reported things lost but then received them (just very late).

Are you suggesting that they specifically ensure they get your packages to you on time, because you've previously complained? Ain't that organised, guv!

i think he mentioned something about kneecaps

still waitin for my cd from that hot cd deal posted a week or so back

At my current flat all thats gone missing is a packet of sweets, during the strikes things arrived a month later and thats it, but at my last one near Glasgow over half went missing, including a ps2,360 games, cheques, bank cards, ps2 games, and loads more I cant remember even though I lived about 10 doors down from sorting office(could see it from window) they also never rang buzzer or knocked on door and just put a card through saying no one was in.

Says a lot.

Anything important/valuable I send by courier, Costs a fortune, £70 for a letter to New York, Other than that RM have been fairly reliable, apart from the time that the van was robbed at gun point 2mins after leaving my office.

Payperdrop now do a usa service for £5 I believe

i'm waitin for 2 parcels to come through, both should of been here by now....but haven't come....wot should i do?

I posted a really huge box (took two of us to manouvre it) that weighed 5.7kg last Monday by Royal Mail and it seems to have got lost - HOW?

I really wish there was an alternative to RM. I have used DHL before, but even though its cheaper for big stuff, it is just a pain to have to wait in all day for them to arrive to collect it, making the school run a dodgy time as sods law says thats when they'll arrive ggrrrrr.

I for one think RM is worse than it has been for years.


i'm waitin for 2 parcels to come through, both should of been here by … i'm waitin for 2 parcels to come through, both should of been here by now....but haven't come....wot should i do?

The sender has to take it up with Royal Mail (they're the ones who have a contract with the service-provider). They normally have to wait 10 working days before making a compensation claim, and the amount they can claim depends on the type of postage they chose.

If they sent it recorded / special delivery, they should be able to tell you if it's waiting at a sorting office (don't always put a card through the door :x ).

If they're a business, it's in their interest to send you a replacement item / refund and persue their claim with RM separetely. You really need to speak to them to arrange this.

A number of my daughters birthday cards went missing..two had money in!:x

Unfortunately using 'Miss' in the title, having a number of cards delivered on the same day and looking like they contain 'cards' is a green light to these thieves. Very sad!


still waitin for my cd from that hot cd deal posted a week or so back

cd came thru today ^^

RM have my Ann Summers parcel was posted on 3rd Nov :-( & two HMV orders posted at the end of Oct :-(

i ordered a load of sega games on here and they disappeared also. pity royal mail have such a monopoly, i'm still waiting on orders from about 3 weeks ago from iwwot

It's rubbish I was meant to have another parcel redelivered on Saturday too, they just put a card through a few days before & never even brought a parcel in the first place :roll:... Anyway, it never came on Saturday but when we got in on Sunday another RM "sorry you were out" card had been posted through :-(

I just went down the sorting ofice to see if my parcel had been attempted for delivery and no card posted, the guy simply refused to look because I didn't have a red card. How can I have a red card if the postman didn't leave a red card?? How do I know that delivery wasn't attempted and no card posted if they refuse to verify that?
I tell you, i'm livid and close to filing theft charges at the local police station :x


Iv had two parcels in the past two weeks that had post marks over a month old. I also had a parcel sent to me a month and a half ago and there is still no sign of it Awful service since the strike

aug 2006 - bought something off ebay - seller sent signed for but it did n't arrive before i went on hols - when i got home went to collect it but they say they only keep for 7 days then they return it to the sender - seller had not put his address on so I was told it was probably sent to a sorting office where they will open it to find a return to sender address - have not seen or heard since - had to repurchase from another person as seller was no help what-so-ever and at the end of the day was his responsibilty to get the item to me

Half Life 2 Orange Box got sent out 3 weeks ago, no sign as of yet.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them whilst using special delivery? Traded on here sent my item via speical and he recieved but i have not and he has also lost the tracking paper. So not sure what to do
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