Remakes/modernisation of old kids shows

    Recently I came across the new Tom And Jerry cartoons which were not bad but completly different than the old ones and could of easily been 2 other characters.

    Gone was the exessive cartoon violence and tom yelling in pain(though this may have only been the ep I saw)

    Now watching Boomerang and theres a new Rhoobard and Custard and its similar and seems quite faithful to original

    Do you think the "classics" should be remade or revamped or just re relleased etc.

    And what other shows have been remade?


    My two boys watch Transformers, and it's nothing like the one I used to watch back in the 80s.

    scooby and shaggy on the cartoon network looks and sounds nothing like the original

    Some TV shows work well redone (BSG being an obvious one) but I think cartoons should be left alone, they've changed so much over time than any remade version is really just using the same title and characters but it's not the same show at all.

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