Remember my 3.5gbHdd that was meant to be 40gb?

    Ended up leaving the seller a nice neg and he then left me one back,doesnt worry me thats only a buying account I use with private feedback and I know the neg will hurt him more as a seller.

    He has since emailed and offered me £15 to remove it lol
    oh I like this game now! as those that gave so much help to me know it stressed me out bigtime,would you accept a payment to remove the neg?? and if so how much would you be asking for??


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    ahhh thanks saint youre a star wondered where that had gone lol


    Leave a follow up comment on the feedback to make him pay up more!


    ahhh thanks saint youre a star wondered where that had gone lol

    Ha-ha, thanks for updating us Mardy from what I remember someone in the thread did say he would wait a while and then try to get you to withdraw the neg by mutual consent. Didn't realise he would actually pay you to do it, classic.! You could always send the info to ebay and say that a seller is trying to bribe you to remove a neg feedback, or see just how much you can get out of him, whatever works for you! :-D

    Can you make one more check to see if it was a 40Gb drive.

    He may have made a mistake when formatting it and I there may be another 30G+ of drive unformatted.

    Can you read the label on the drive, most hard drives have a label saying how big the drive is.

    Also you can go into the Disk Management option in Windows XP and see how big the drive is (go into Control Panel, chose Performance and Maintenance, then Administrative Tools, then Computer Management. See the option Disk Management on the left.

    This will tell you how big the drive is, even if it is unformatted.

    Best to double check before giving him bad feedback

    Unfortunately I am going to have to side with the seller on this one. An incorrectly partitioned hard drive doesn't really constitute a negative feedback. It can be resolved so easily, a simple mistake like that really shouldn't be looked upon as that he is scamming you.

    Everything you received, from what I can read in the eBay product description is correct. The partition issue doesn't mean the hard drive was not a 40gb, it just meant it needed the extra partition creating. Could of been done with a few clicks of the mouse. Software related issues usually are not covered by the seller, so the fact that he actually sent out a courier for the item I thought was pretty nice.

    I understand you had an issue with the carriage costs, he states in his auction any issues and you have to pay for the carriage. Now.. If you didn't think that was right, you shouldn't of bought from him. Disagreeing with it once you have purchased the item is crazy, you should of read the entire page before purchasing.

    Back to the topic though - I would take the £15 and remove the neg heh. Personally, if I was the seller, I would be getting the neg removed another way, because I personally feel the negative is for a soft reason and a neutral would of been more adequate in this case. The reason I say this is because it seems more like a genuine mistake than a scam, and it seems he did try to rectify the issue.. So? What more could he have done lol
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