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A video has emerged that apparently shows a Metropolitan Police officer in body armour allowing himself to be shot with a powerful air pistol.

The YouTube footage also shows him firing at his friends.

One man is hit in the legs several times and at that point an onlooker observes: "Listen to him scream."

A Met spokesman said it was investigating but had been unable to identify whether the man was a police officer or where he was based.

He said: "This has been passed to professional standards to assess what action can be taken."

Squeals of agony

The video, filmed on a rooftop, shows the "officer" allowing another man to wear his body armour.

He is then shot, exclaiming as the bullets strike: "You don't feel a thing."

At that point the man with the pistol shoots him in the legs, prompting squeals of agony.

The footage then shows the policeman wearing full body armour.

He challenges the man with the pistol to "bring it on", before taking several shots from the weapon without flinching.

The pistol is sufficiently powerful to shatter a glass bottle with a single shot.

His helmet is left peppered with bullet marks by the end of the film.

was on the news earlier the police dont know who it is yet but they are on the hunt for another 1 of their irresponsible law breaking own

dont think there from the met

Why is it not funny, Just some guys fooling around with a BB gun, Aren't the police(if he actually works for the fuzz) allowed to have fun and no damage was done, You see worse videos of office staff/supermarket/shop workers fooling around on Youtube.
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