Remember to check Amazon within a week of purchasing (refund within 7 days still applies)

As per Ndurve's previous post remember Amazon continue to refund you (if you ask) if the item you purchase falls more than £10 within 7 days of purchasing it.

Thanks to previous hotdealuk deals which have been (expired) though still remain pertinent I just saved £80!


At Amazon pop over to the "Returns and Refunds Form" at:…tml

With thanks also to: Charlie12: Link to terms and conditins of refund at:…565

Thought I owed it to pass on this message just in case.



Thanks for sharing K8Fisher, I've just popped this into misc as its more of a heads up / reminder than a deal

Original Poster

Thank you bigflump

thanks handy info:)


Great news, I bought something from amazon for £10.02 today, finger's crossed ehh

Might be for longer than that at the moment actually. Bought something at £79 on 21st on a Lightning deal and noticed it had dropped to £69 today, matching a new John Lewis offer. Did the online chat and they have refunded the difference no problem at all.

They have also increased the allowed return times over Christmas so if they play hardball you may be able to return and re-order at lower price.

Ugh. Bought something two days ago (arrived yesterday). Dropped from £79.99 to £69.99 today.
It's from a third party seller and fulfilled by Amazon. It's still sealed. (In fact it's doubly-sealed as it's also wrapped in wrapping paper!)
Chat transcript below:

Initial Question: Hi. The price of something I bought from Amazon 2 days ago has dropped significantly today. Is there a possibility of being refunded the difference, or do I need to return the item and re-order it? (It's still sealed.)
11:09 AM GMT Claire(Amazon): Hi Late, you are speaking to Claire. I will have a look now.
11:09 AM GMT Late: Thanks Claire.
11:10 AM GMT Late: The item in question is "Royal & Langnickel Artist Painting Chest Premier Set"
Was £79.99, now £69.99
11:10 AM GMT Claire(Amazon): Thank you. I will have to transfer your request to another department, this can take up to 2 hrs.
11:12 AM GMT Late: Much appreciated. I assume they'll contact me by email? (I'll not be at my computer all day)
11:12 AM GMT Claire(Amazon): Yes, you will receive an email. Hope you have a good Christmas.
11:13 AM GMT Late: Thank you for your help, Claire, and have a great Christmas!
11:13 AM GMT Claire(Amazon): You're most welcome.

Fingers crossed...
If they can't sort a tenner refund for me I'll just have to bite the bullet. (I wouldn't want to tell my kid here's your present but don't open it - it's going back to the warehouse but you'll get another that's exactly the same in a few days' time. Or I could probably order another then return the second one as the first. Bit of a chew on, but hopefully Amazon think I'll do that and will just give me the difference to avoid the hassle.)

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Dear Customer,
Greetings from
We are writing to confirm that we are processing your refund in the amount of £10.00....

Amazon has the best customer service and live chat who actually get things done.

I sent back my Lenovo laptop I didn't use for 4 months and got a full refund!
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