Remembrance Sunday: the Cenotaph

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Found 8th Nov 2008
9th November 2008 10:30am on BBC1.

Will you be watching it?

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yep-i am really gratful people gave their lives for me-i'd hate to live in a country where there was no freedom or speech or way of life..................i say thanks so much for those who went to war- and those who were left behind.

My mates husband was in the Army for years and has really bad post traumatc stress from seeing friends die and being injured, and being tortured himself-i'm sure we don't begin to understand what soldiers and their families went through and are going through for us.

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I'm looking forward to it.

My mum's cousin's husband will be marching. :thumbsup:

NO I wont, I agree with remembering the dead and all that but people forget about the living who are fighting for their country now!!!

i think its important that we remember them all.
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