Remi Gallard What a legend....

    Check out Foot.


    cant view it but agree he's a legend..... love his mario kart vid.

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    Guy must get arrested weekly.

    The Pac man one always makes me lol. :-D

    just sat and watched all that foot one, class

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    The Pac man one always makes me lol. :-D

    Golf anyone?


    Looool @ the body hair one and ]this one :lol:

    Think pacman is ace.
    Also like Rodeo, Indian, Tour de France, Decathlon. So many good ones.


    Watched the footy one yesterday. Didn't realise there was so many vids. Have to check him out.

    watched ages ago on youtube sooo funny, the Formula 1 vid where they have what looks like a world series car is just like wtf haha where they managed to get it I dont know
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