Remind me please - how do i insert a hyperlink.......

Found 3rd Dec 2007
Hi Guys,

I cant remember how to do it - If i want to add a link to my post but only want to use a word.........for example CLICK HERE, rather than adding the whole link address.

Please can someone remind me?

Thanks in advance.:-D
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type it in as "[ url=" then a " then the web address link, close it with "] then type the text then type [/url]…t=1

Gives you:


[URL=]HUKD[/URL] - YAY!Gives you:HUKD - YAY!

You forgot the speach marks

You forgot the speach marks

No, you don't need "'s in vBulletin (also, I mistakenly put in there, but obviously have now fixed it to the correct one :oops:)
Sorry guys I am a bit thick today - my pregnancy brain has takjen over completely.

how do i insert the word that i want to use?
Type the word that you want to replace the normal url, so for example type CLICK HERE.

Highlight CLICK HERE by holding the left mouse button and dragging it over CLICK HERE.

At the top of the text box, there is a symbol with a globe with a chain link(I think) in the foreground, click that symbol, and it will bring up a box titled "explorer user prompt.

If it has http in it already, delete this and paste in the shortcut you want to link to.

Then click 'OK'

]Like this thesaint?

Hip Hip hooray.:viking: :thumbsup:

That worked. Typing in the code is quicker though.

I Just cant seem to get my head around typing it in code!!!…274

Hip Hip hooray.:viking: :thumbsup:

Thanks for that!!!!! I feel so dumb:oops:
Rep given to all those who helped.

Thank you

Thanks for that!!!!! I feel so dumb:oops:

That's okay.

I have never tried typing out the code, my way is probably longer, but easier for a beginner like myself.

Today I was able to fiddle about with a code to get a Pink DS added to my basket. It was the 1st time I tried to do it, I was pleased with myself. :-D
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