Reminder: Clocks go back this Sunday.

Found 28th Oct 2005
This Sunday sees that change from Autumn to the first day of Winter, and that means that we change from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

GMT is measured from the "Meridian" line in London, a metal line which is a popular spot for tourists. It's the line from which all of the times in the world are measured.

Londeners might miss the clocks going back this year though because Bib Ben is going to be stopped this weekend whilst the engineers shange some of the hammers. (Well, the bells are being stopped, I'm not sure about the clock itself!)

So remember, on Sunday morning at 1am the clocks go back to midnight, Saturday!
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I think you might be a day late. Surely it's the early hours of Sunday that the clocks are changed? (Only know cos I forgot and managed to missed church service one year)
Well spotted!!
It could make all the difference for someone watching an ebay item!
It could... I should have checked what I'd typed shouldn't I?
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