Reminder for anyone using the FS/FT forum etc

    Don't forget the Royal Mail prices have gone up today so don't get caught short and make sure you check out the new prices.


    most people overcharge anyway, but thanks for the heads up Sy!

    Syzable any links to them?

    How much we talking?


    Original Poster


    Syzable any links to them?How much we talking?Ad

    PDF price guide on this page…749

    They have gone up quite a bit again for things like DVD's etc.

    And recorded, 1st class stamp etc are up by 3p


    I await the whine from people.


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    I'm looking forward to going to the Post Office..........last time they forgot about the price change. :lol:


    yes so that means the robbers on ebay will be putting the prices well Up to cover the charges and the like ... grrrrrrrrrrr

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    Be aware......the packet prices on their price list are WRONG!!! lol


    they wonder why they lose customers to bulk mail handlers
    Its now cheaper to send a packet to europe than it is to someone in your street!
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