Reminder for Quidco Users - Claim easy free money from Credit Card Companies.

Found 30th Jan 2008
Easy to forget, but if you use Quidco, you can claim money from many banks for taking their credit cards.

For example, if you applied for a Goldfish card and an AMEX card, you could could get £81 added to your Quidco account. You could then just cancel the cards after the money had been paid and you would not have spent a penny.
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How easy are credit cards to cancel?
My Mother always says no one gives free lunches...
Once they have your details it will be like changing power suppliers and go on for months and months...I`ll pass thanks all the same..
You'll also ruin your credit rating if you apply for too many.
I wouldnt get them too often as you can seriously damage your credit rating by appling for too many different credit products.

I do get the quidco but only do one at a time to ensure no damage, people must ensure you never use them tho or the interest on some , at shocking rates, will soon wipe out the quidco benefit.

So far ive has Egg and Goldfish, managed to cancel them no problem.
Please refer to the dedicated Quidco thread above for discussion :thumbsup:

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