Reminder - Kids AM at Vue Cinemas - daily during school hols - only 95p including Shrek Forever

    Looks like Shrek Forever, Legend of the Guardians and Despicable me is on over the school hols - they usually have the 95p showings only at weekends but they tend to extend them during school hols. Shrek Forever could be on from 31st Dec....

    A really cheap way to entertain the kids.....not a deal because they do this every holiday and weekend so this is more of a reminder for parents with pesky kids....


    thanks OP i had forgotten about these deals, not going to be able to go tomorrow cos we're snowed in but its great for those who are not!

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    Thought its worthwhile to post a reminder. I'll be taking my kids to see Shrek Forever as I (sorry "they") haven't seen it yet X)
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    thanx, didn't know about this
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