Reminder of the E3 conference times for us UK guys!

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EA 7pm Saturday 9th June (likely to be the most corporate boring one)
Microsoft 9pm Sunday June 10th (a very important one for Microsoft to try and give people reasons to get an Xbox, 5 years later :P However I suspect that this will likely show off the hotly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 (possible marketing deal between Microsoft and CD Projekt Red) so could definitely be worth watching for at least that)
Bethesda 2.30am Monday 11th June (always come out with surprises, Fallout 76 already revealed and more expected, it's a long conference so possibly a new Elder Scrolls and Starfield)
Square Enix 6pm Monday 11th June (Square Enix surprisingly have a conference this time round, hopefully a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 and other surprises)
Ubisoft 9pm Monday 11th June (Expect this to be standard with some cringeworthy french moments thrown in, a lot of games to show from them though including the revealed Asscreed Odyssey)
PC Gaming Show 11.30pm Monday 11th June
Sony 2am Tuesday 12th June (Saving the best two conferences for last, starting with the main event :P Already known to heavily show The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding (meaning Kojima will likely show up), Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man (including at least the collectors edition))
Nintendo 5pm Tuesday 12th June (Likely to be a mega Nintendo Direct including Metroid Prime 4, possibly Mario Odyssey DLC and a reveal of the Pokemon 'Core RPG 2019')
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I miss the days when you used to have to wait for the comments to get trolled.
Cheers for this
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No Capcom?
i have reminders set for the giant bomb YouTube streams that's about it.

Otherwise I'll just watch trailers once they are uploaded, i find E3 very cringe inducing.
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rayanfield831 h, 52 m ago

No Capcom?

Capcom don't usually have E3 conferences nowadays, neither do Konami (especially after the 2010 debacle which is definitely worth a watch if you haven't heard of it or not familiar with the incident ) , but they do provide game trailers and gameplay, spokespeople, information and videos to the conferences for the Sony, Xbox and Nintendo showings, and to events/media outside the main conference showings.
catbeans1 h, 35 m ago

I find E3 very cringe inducing.

Don't worry, grab your popcorn and re-watch the best E3 conference in history right here
deleted14312578th Jun

Don't worry, grab your popcorn and re-watch the best E3 conference in …Don't worry, grab your popcorn and re-watch the best E3 conference in history right here [Video]

haha urgh please don't even joke (horror), you really don't have to go back that far. Like last year with the dancing panda, Valves card game reveal, Ubisofts big reveal! (which turned out to be an actual porsche rather than a game), the 'influencer' they had do a reveal, or the yearly presenter fails.
catbeans14 h, 28 m ago


Imagine if Half Life 3 popped up on the screen, then turned out to be a card game There would be riots in LA if that happened.
I feel like MS will have a decent go this year. Not a lot to show first party-wise, but I think a lot of third party stuff will reveal with them so they can showcase X1X gameplay.
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