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    J reg nissan micra. i should never have sold it. it was a solid, loyal car.

    Rover 111 GSI - N reg....Nifty little number......

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    Judging by the response in another thread were busy hijacking, this seems to be a topic of discussion people are interested in...

    My first car was a 93K Metro 1.1S, bought it when it was eight years old during which it spent its first year as a demo and then seven years with an old lady who barely touched it. If it didn't have the number plates I'd have guessed it was one year old or something, for a Metro it was nice spec with a decent stereo, sun roof and more importantly five doors. I have to admit I did like it, it always felt like my car (unlike the Octavia I bought afterwards which people assumed was my parent's) and I liked the fact it was completely unprententious. Its boxy shape meant I could pack the entire contents of my flat when moving back from Uni each year although acceleration was pretty much non-existant.

    On the negative side, it had no grip from the tyres and the brakes were a waste of time making driving in heavy rain or snow 'entertaining'. While it's little 1.1L engine was nippy around town it was a bit of a slog going down the dual carriageway. Rather ironically I probably covered more miles in the Metro than any of my subsequent cars which are far better cruisers...

    After being used to teach both my younger brothers to drive, the Metro suffered the typical Rover fate...each year was getting more and more pricey as more of the bodywork needed replaced and although it blew a side gasket (which apparently wasn't too bad to fix) the large amount of welding and new fuel tank sealed its fate.



    My first car was a K reg (Aug 71-July 72) Vauxhall Viva HC in blue metallic paint and I loved it :-D

    Mine was a BEIGE MKV Cortina. SOY 438W. I remember it well. Only had it 5 days when I got hit at a crossroads by an uninsured driver. Car span 180 degrees and went straight into a 6ft wall!! :w00t:

    Mine was a brand spanking new clio MTV. Silver w reg. I thought i was the mutts lol!!

    My first 'vehicle' was a Reliant Super Robin, aka the plastic pig and it WAS. My first car though was a W reg 1.3 Escort L in arctic met blue. Scabby beast, cost me £225 had full XR3i interior, big rubber spoiler and 15" RS 7 spokes. Within 2 weeks of buying it (about a week after my test) I blew the head gasket so had to quickly learn how to be a mechanic. At that point i'd never even seen a car engine let alone contemplated taking one to bits! So I replaced the head gasket and had many happy years with the car till some complete ******** nicked it:x Needless to say i've had blue blood ever since and after many fords I now own a MK5 1.8l Zetec and a 1.6l CVH cabby. Oh and the wife owns a 1.8 escort as well thanks to me weaning her off those nasty Vauxhalls;-)

    D reg 1.4 S Fiesta. AKA The Batmobile. Was awesome car till i rolled it down an emabankment. arr those were the days

    E reg (first time round) Almond Green Mini with external door hinges and four foot gear lever:-D

    52 reg 206 in that lovely blue most 206's come in! :lol:

    lamborghini Mercielago lime green. In the passenger seat lol.

    cant drive yet!!

    Ermmm 96 Purple Fiesta Only passed in June mind so still got, Just needed something to run about it...

    Hated the thing at first.. then we took a road trip to Athens and back in the summer ( got all the way there and back 4 miles from home Clutch exlopded LOL ),

    But nows shes my ikcle babie now my Ikcle babie with a new clutch thats is.. Untill MOT day anyway

    Mine was (no laughing allowed) a Talbot Horizon. No radio, heater often did not work, gear balljoint would pop out, dashboard lights would go off for no reason, but apart from that it was ok :-)

    1968 almond green mini SLF159F
    1982 metro 1.3s UWX125X
    1982 metro van XDC990Y
    metro 1.3l E557EPY
    D REG sierra estate
    escort 1.3 POPULAR F242NTN
    pug 106 1.0 N909XAJ
    pug 106 1.1LR51KUS
    54 REG FIESTA 1.3
    these are all the vehicles i have owned and everyone was christened at some point lol. the metro van was great with a mattress in the back but the sierra was the most comfy.the last 4 where all brand new. the fondest memories where the little mini. it was an awesome little car .

    :oops:Red Fiat Panda

    Had a snapping clutch cable which happened at such a high frequency even I learnt to change it! It really *showed its worth* when clutch cable snapped outside the police station on race day. Gaia had to do damsel in distress while blocking entire road. Nice policemen came and towed car into their garage and sorted it :-D! Was a bit iffy when I remembered I had jail bait in the ashray:whistling:

    N reg clio was my first car - I loved that car till I totaled it at a set of traffi lights. Mr Bs first car was a white Metro D reg - ahhh fond memories of that car!!!!

    Till the floor fell out of it :lol:

    MK II green ford escort 1.1L .......I think ended up on its roof ..I would post the pic but haven't worked that bit out yet.


    Till the floor fell out of it :lol:

    :roll: Too much rocking :roll:

    Red 1.8 1974 N reg Morris Marina Coupe - spent many hours filling/repairing/painting the bodywork. Only probs I had with it was the inch long bypass hose splitting and seized rear brake cylinders. Sold it to my brother who crashed it 6 weeks later.....


    :roll: Too much rocking :roll:

    Very likley :oops:


    My first was an Austin 1100, which I learnt to drive in, had for 3 months, passed my test and some barsteward nicked it 7 days after I passed when I left it at a BR station whilst at work! (I was not a happy bunny!!)

    Second was a Mark tu Corteena! Had that for about 6 months. Had a knock on the door from the police at about 2am one morning to inform me it had been nicked (from outside my house) and involved in an accident! What I later learnt, was that they had caught the toe rags. One aged 11, the other aged 12. It had been involved in a high speed chase from about 3 miles from where I live all the way to Southborough. (About 25 miles). During its journey, it had damaged 6 police cars, writing off 4 of them - one of which was its first day on the road. Needless to say, my old banger was also a right off!

    Two (first) cars nicked within a year of passing my test. The insurance companies loved me! (Well the money it cost me after anyway!)

    It was an old ford escort MK I in bronze and it was rubbish. Over 60mph it shook so badly you could feel your teeth coming loose. I once had to drive home from Nottinhgam to Liverpool via Leeds as it stalled if you stopped and wouldn't start without a push. I made it all the way home in the middle of the night without stopping once, that's no mean feat considering the traffic lights I hit when I reached Liverpool.

    My next car was a daytona red ford capri MK 1.5 facelift. It was probably the worst car I have ever driven and I've driven some crocks.

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS]My First Car - 1997 Rover 200 Diesel[/FONT]
    [FONT=Trebuchet MS]It was purchased 4 years old in immaculate condition. It died aged 8 years old.

    1997 - 2005[/FONT]

    welll im noly 20 not a long list but it goes like this,
    1- blue saxo vtr , gorg!! no photo
    2- my lovely gorg white astra sri who i miss soo soo much
    3- red golf - yuck
    4- my sexy black type r
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