Reminisce. Anyone remember this?

    Ok so it's old from the 80s and not a lot of people have heard of this.
    Just finished watching entire Starfleet (X-Bomber) series on DVD. Anyone remember this?

    But it rocks i never saw the final episodes so I finally closed a chapter from my childhood.
    This series made t/birds and terrahawks look like pants.
    And my kids thorouhly enjoyed it.


    It was popular I thought that it was great - Brian May and Eddie Van Halen got together and did a version of the theme tune. Here's the link on youtube…gcQ

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    Absolutely fantastic series. the link in the op is good for clips, sounds and pics.
    I bought the DVD boxset on public domain video, but i was wondering if this program was public domain.

    I still have a VHS of this!!!!

    Where can I get a DVD veraion guys?

    After Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors too. :thumbsup:

    Just pre-ordered from, can't wait!!!

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    i got the set for a tenner, was sold as public domain (no copyrights apparently)
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