remort gage decision

    stick with the same bank or go elsewhere, need to topup £75k on the £50k tracker to move house, (LTV will be 50% on the new house)

    current provider allows us to keep the current base rate tracker 1.25% on top of BR and take out the additional as a new mortgage either fix or a tracker

    or may it be best to take the full amount elsewhere, thinking it may be best to stick with the bank and keep the tracker and take out a fix on the £75k extra required, gives us some security on base rate rises (not that anyone can predict if they'll stay the same for x years or change next year

    rate wise lifetime track is 1.75% and 5 year fix is 1.99% with the same fee. (works out an extra £15 a month)

    we do tend to overpay, fixes seem to have max 10% pa overpayment. so usefull to keep tracker and pay that down aswell,
    am I missing anything else


    Doesnt sound bad to me with current bank. The mortgage amount is relatively small with regard to how significant the savings from small change in interest rates that you may get elsewhere.

    You may have to pay fees going elsewhere as well. If it was me, i would stick with this as the additional effort of going elsewhere is not worthwhile as i doubt if the savings, if indeed any, will be significant enough to justify the additional time spent looking for a betterr deal.

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    Thanks mutley1 got a call beginning of January hoping a blue cross sale has started, and the upfront fees are reduced
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