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    I have brought a remote control helicopter for a family member for xmas i know they are not all great the one i got was a science museum one from argos reduced to £20 however it did not work i have since returned it for refund they have no more and i cant find it on argos website so looking for a new one around the same price any ideas or tips would be great.

    The one i have found looks better than the argos one as has 2 blades is this any good…tml


    Don't know if you have one locally but Waitrose are flogging off all christmas gifts at 50% - can pick up a remote controlled helicopter for £10. Looks OK to me....guessing John Lewis will have them too. Half tempted myself :-D

    Got my boyfriend the Picoo Tandem Z helicopter for xmas, cost me £15 from play. He has just figured out how to fly it, he loves it

    Picoo-Z helicopters usually fall in price after xmas so keep a look out for them.
    I got some Picoo-Z from Tesco last year - £9.99 for a box with two helicopters and controlls.

    The Science museum one is pretty good, my nephew got one for Xmas and frankly didn't get a look in when I got my hands on it which spurred me on to get one myself.
    It's this…tml
    Cost me £14.45 cos I had £2.50 off voucher from the xmas game.


    Get a Picoo Z. The chinook is the best.

    Thats what I was talking about above, its great

    i got picoo z from debenhams with voucher codes from here for only 9 quid delivered!!! now that has to be a deal and a half if they have any left

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    I've got the normal Picoo Z which is good, but takes some skill to fly, … I've got the normal Picoo Z which is good, but takes some skill to fly, the chinook looks easier because of the dual rotors.

    I like the look of that one too the chinok one any body know the best price online best i could find is £33 ish delivered
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