Remote control light bulbs - anyone seen small ones?

Found 5th Jan 2018
I’ve got an outdoor light that is on all the time (no switch was wired in by the previous owner!). So my only option is to take the bulb out...and put it in when I want to use it.

It’s an E27 standard screw fitting but a normal size bulb won’t fit into the cover - a small “golf ball” bulb or a candle shaped bulb will. Has anyone seen this sort of bulb sold and remote controllable - either over the internet or by remote control. All the ones I can find are standard light bulb size (fitting and bulb part).
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fuiseog2 m ago¨/dp/B00DUFIYRI

5W isnt going to cut it
Could you remove the fitting and replace it with a PIR activated one - that way it will only come on when someone walks past.
fuiseog10 m ago¨/dp/B00DUFIYRI

Thanks but the bulb part looks as wide as a normal bulb so won’t fit into the cover.
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