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Remote for wii -help please-charging problem- anyone know anything please asap?

Posted 16th Dec 2007
I have had my wii on today and i bought the charging station with it and the 2 rechargeable batteries .
At the bottom of the remote is a blue dot and above it a dot -next to it is 2 dots, then 3 and then 4 - do all these mean that there should be 4 blue lights on ?
I only have 1 on !?
When i put it on the charging station the station goes to red and then a few seconds later turns green - if these blue dots should all be lit up -does it seem like the charging station isn''t working properly ?
Confused as i cant remember if the remote should be showing all 4 blue dots (i think it should) So, when i put it on the charging station and it only stays red for less than 1 minute then goes to green -it must not be charging the remote ?
When we used it this afternoon it was a complete pain as the 1 blue light kept going off and it wouldn''t work and we had to try and recharge it -but it wouldn''t do a full charge !!!?
Please help someone - got the charging station with batteries from Amazon -does it need to go back ?
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