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Remote for wii -help please-charging problem- anyone know anything please asap?

Posted 16th Dec 2007
I have had my wii on today and i bought the charging station with it and the 2 rechargeable batteries .
At the bottom of the remote is a blue dot and above it a dot -next to it is 2 dots, then 3 and then 4 - do all these mean that there should be 4 blue lights on ?
I only have 1 on !?
When i put it on the charging station the station goes to red and then a few seconds later turns green - if these blue dots should all be lit up -does it seem like the charging station isn''t working properly ?
Confused as i cant remember if the remote should be showing all 4 blue dots (i think it should) So, when i put it on the charging station and it only stays red for less than 1 minute then goes to green -it must not be charging the remote ?
When we used it this afternoon it was a complete pain as the 1 blue light kept going off and it wouldn''t work and we had to try and recharge it -but it wouldn''t do a full charge !!!?
Please help someone - got the charging station with batteries from Amazon -does it need to go back ?
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not one person can help and no-one knows anything about wiis??
I thought there were LOADS of people on here with a wii ????
The blue lights indicate which player number you are.

1 blue light = Player 1
2 blue lights = Player 2
3 blue lights = Player 3
4 blue lights = Player 4

When placed in charging station, the lights go red. Once charged they will be green.

When placing the Wiimotes on the charger, make sure they are on properly as the strap may caus them not to connect properly hence they will not charge... HTH
Thanks for that info .
But regarding the charging then - the light only goes red for a few seconds and then goes green-indicating the remote must be fully charged.
When we played today -the one blue light kept going off and there was no little hand on the screen to use the controls !
What am i doing wrong -why does the 1 blue light go off ?
Hmm...are you sitting close enough to the TV?
Is the sensor bar setup correctly? (in settings, is it set up for top of TV or bottom)
Are you pointing the Wiimote in the right direction?
Try taking batteries out and replacing them again, or swap them with other Wiimotes..

If all else fails, must be dodgy batteries! :?
Thanks again.
Yes its all set up ok and worked fine when i last used it !
I had neighbours grandkids round to play on it and it seemed as though the batteries kept dying - so i suppose i will have to contact Amazon as the lot came from there and i bought the batteries and charging station there too - so could be dodgy batteries . Its the largish ones that come in one pice and fit onto the complete back of the remote.
To save sending it back, perhaps you could try using rechargable batteries in place of the ones the give you? It won't do any harm!

If it works fine, then the batteries supplied are the problem! :thumbsup:
Thanks -yes though i would try that tomorrow.
Thanks for answering and your help -either everyones left this site or given up tonight !!

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