Removal of japanese knotweed

    Does anyone know if you can get financial help from anywhere for the removal of soil contaminated by japanese knotweed. We live in a rented house and have been waiting weeks for the landlord to remove it. It's quite expensive to get the council to do it, and wondered if there's anywhere else to go.


    Can't you stick systemic weedkiller on it?

    my son has had it done but i think the neighbour was in receipt of benefits and they had it done..and my sons was done as he told them it had come from next door. Its awful to get rid of.

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    We need to get rid of it because we want to put down turf and the soil isnt sutable,but we've been told we cant just get rid of the soil normally that it's hazardous waste and needs to be treated.

    my dads garden has had this he dug it all up burned it and now treats it with lyme but the council have now been out and sprayed the ground and it seems to be clearing it up as some councils have money set aside to help combat it the only problem is you need a lot of complaining and it has to be 3 or more neighbors it is affecting as the council doesnt like to spend the money by the way my dad owns his own property and isnt in receipt of any benefits but it has taken him a year to get them to sort it out
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    Short discussion of Japanese Knotweed in the UK and possible solutions for its removal.…TMI

    How To Kill Knotweed.…ted

    The National Trust in Cornwall are using the "cut stem and pour SBK Brushkiller (or similar) down each one" method. It travels down to the roots, possibly 3 metres down, and kills them without causing too much collateral damage. For a normal person that is probably the only method there is to kill off this plant.

    Dig all the roots up i would.

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    Well i cant wait a year, dont know what we're gong to do with it. There's about 3 tonnes of it sitting there and until it's removed i cant treat the rest of the area to put my turf down.

    Nuke the mo fo

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    Nuke the mo fo

    If i could i would! i want to be able to sit in my garden rather than looking at a building site!
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