Remove DX logos from packages - 1/2 p !!!!

What this does is remove the DX logo from the front of the package. for 1 cent, or 1/2 p, it is next to nothing. Can help the item getting stopped in customs.
I''m adding it to every order!

Updates (10/20/2007):
- DX QC labels fixed: no more "DealExtreme" on the small QC labels
- Improved professional labelling: no more scissor-cut labels
- DX logo and name removed from shipping label
- For drop shipping customers
- Do not add this item if you are unsure what this is
- You may also add this item to cart if you are ordering a gift to be directly sent to the recipient and do not want them to know where you ordered it from
- Please enter the end-customer's/recipient's correct shipping address in PayPal's shipping address fields
- After placing a drop ship order, you may also use our order tracking / account manager feature to change shipping addresses
* FREE to Apply: Dedicated Drop Shipment Accounts *
Tired of adding 1888 to all of your orders? DX dedicated drop shipment service is now available. To learn more and to apply, send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will walk over with you the many exciting advantages of the brand new drop shipping service. Some advantages include:
- Hassle-free batch order creation and batch payment
- Centralized package monitoring
- 1888 drop shipping service automatically applied to all orders
- All small drop shipping orders will appear on one centralized billing statement
- Custom branded labels
- Dedicated account manager to look after your packages and provide feedbacks
- Customized volume discounts



Moved to misc- this isn't a deal, it's a tip

also still doesnt garuntee that it wont be opened.

i used this when selling r4's on ebay lol. people would pay silly money on there. take the payment, place an order on dealextreme. far too easy. helped me pay for 3 ds lites
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