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    I have just received negative feedback.The buyer hasn't contacted me.The feedback says 'fast delivery.item wasnt packed well which could of led to damage.' it was wrapped in bubble wrap With air pockets in the box. Can I get it removed as it seems unfair as it arrived undamaged. I was at 100% now this has dropped to 93.8%


    As far as I'm aware you can't. I don't know if buyers can change their feedback? Perhaps one avenue to go down, maybe ask them if they accidentally selected the wrong option as the review seems positive. Failing that you can add a comment to it.

    You can withdraw it but need the consent/agreement of the one who left it.

    I'd imagine he/she is looking for a discount. I'm surprised anyone uses ebay these days.

    Yes you can I have seen people get it removed u need contact ebay. I have a given negative to someone in the past at they got it removed .

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    Found it.asked the buyer to change it.not holding out much hope though!

    I also got a negative feedback on ebay once. I involved ebay and they did their research and removed it. You can also contact ebay.

    Have you left feedback for the buyer yet?

    I had someone leave a completely unjust negative feedback comment once. Contacted eBay customer service and they removed it.

    So you got negative feedback because presumably the buyer received the item they wanted as described and with fast delivery.
    The buyer has one criticism though, about state of the packaging when it arrives, but never told you. You only found out when you discovered you are now only a 93.8% feedback seller - potentially being over looked by hundreds of buyers every day.
    That's a pretty ***tish thing to do to a seller. Feel your frustration OP

    Phone CS and have a moan. I left negative for someone she sent me a **** email saying she'll get it removed and called me a ****. And she did... ebay won't even tell me ahh it was removed. Phone up and have a cry


    I'd imagine he/she is looking for a discount. I'm surprised anyone uses … I'd imagine he/she is looking for a discount. I'm surprised anyone uses ebay these days.

    ​I know what you mean I used to sell loads on eBay but there fees have got far to expensive it's just a waste of effort. I find gumtree to be just as effective.

    someone once left me negative feedback for no real reason and I responded to there's with a few choice words. I got a warning from eBay about my conduct but they removed all the feedback in question.

    That's extremely harsh of the buyer and very unfair. I also have 100% positive feedback on both accounts and would be equally upset.

    I've been a business and personal seller on eBay for over 10 years. Personally, I would send a very polite and friendly email to the buyer, explaining how you feel and asking them very nicely to revise their feedback. If they don't, I would apply to eBay to have the feedback removed. They might not remove it, but it's worth a try. The link to apply to have feedback removed is here, under the section 'What to do about negative feedback'.…ack

    I think you need to contact the buyer and try to sort it with them, they are able to retract the feedback .
    You could also try getting advise from e bay customer service, but my personal experience of that has never been good, Their response is usual " nothing we can do" here's a link to some confusing terms and conditions.

    That's really annoying. Similar thing happened to my Dad whos had 100% until some dozy a-hole bought something without reading the description properly+moaned because they didn't get what THEY wrongly thought they was getting. Some stupid people out there. We didn't know eBay could take it off - might be too late now, it was probably about a year ago. If it's any consolation I always read the negatives and that one would not put me off buying from a seller at all. Good luck
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    Thanks for all the advice.contacted eBay and buyer so hopefully it will be sorted.

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    Have you left feedback for the buyer yet?

    Not yet I havent.I wait for 10 days usually incase of any problems and the items need to be returned.

    Your word against theirs. Maybe it was packaged below what would be expected by them.

    If the item was sent by eBay international then they repackage your item after it gets to eBay's hub which could be why they complained about packaging even tho you packaged item well . We sent an item and they took out 90% of the packaging and the buyer received a Brocken cookie jar lol.
    If you contact eBay then they should remove feedback but I guess it depends who you get
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    Contact eBay give your reasons why you think it's unfair if they agree with you they will remove it
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