Remove scratches upvc door step frame

    What is the best way to remove shoe sratches from upvc french window frame as kids have scratched the upvc on base as running in and out any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Think this needs to be moved to Misc?

    white T cut like you use for scratches on your car, if it's superficial!

    Philadephia cheese n chives light

    Nail varnish remover on cotton wool.


    Nail varnish remover on cotton wool.

    Test on unseen surface first has been known to melt some surfaces and smear in the grime, oops


    cif or jif. cream cleaner, this is what i use

    1000 (or lower) grit wet and dry


    theres a product you can buy for it think its called thomsons in a grey bottle i bought mine from wilkinsons but sure bnq sell it too its very good i did all my window frames and door frame with it! was about 5.00 for the bottle and you just put it on a damp cloth and rub it on no effort or anything its brilliant!
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