removed deal

    I posted a deal about 5 mins ago and it has been removed without explanation, any ideas why?


    Plenty of ideas why.How about Alien abduction?

    well you shouldn't be told why?that's why

    if it was member spammed,you wont get an explanation-what was it for?

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    if it was member spammed,you wont get an explanation-what was it for?

    the forever unique website, just a bit curious as to why in-case the website isn't good. as theres 70% off everything, i thought it was the offical web site oO

    Deal is still there, it's probably being looked into in case there's a problem.…149


    Hi nkje02. thanks for your post. If a deal link is posted for a new merchant. we will normally temporarily remove the listing from normal forum view while we check the merchant and actually create the new merchant name on the system. If there are any queries we will leave spammed and drop the member a PM, if not we will return to the forums once the information has been updated. This can sometimes take 5-10mins so apologies for any confusion and please bear with us if posting a deal for a new retailer
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    Ok thanks x
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