Removed * spoilers * !!!!!!!!!!

    what are your thoughts i couldnt be happier. Fenerbahce smacked it.


    Well done, and well done Liverpool getting a draw away from home against ****, we will do them at anfield.

    liverpool got it easy, maybe if arsenal didnt spend s much time on the floor then they might have won!!

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    do arsenal at anfield yehhh dream on mate !

    Will Beat them easy at the bridge...

    Just like we did with Olympiakos...


    "FENERBAHCE" - Who are these ??

    they beat you tonight!!


    do arsenal at anfield yehhh dream on mate !

    And im guessing 2 hours ago you would have said, "hold us to a draw at our ground, dream on mate".

    WTF was bentnar doing ?

    Arsenal were all over liverpool in the 2nd half and deserved a penalty. If their substitute striker knew the correct way to kick the ball then they might have won tonight.

    lmao at Nicklas Bendtner :giggle: that was unbearable tense in the second half. Would have taken 0 - 0, hell, 2 - 1 to **** wouldn't have been all bad, so yeah, really happy with 1 - 1. Think we'll take 'em back at Anfield :thumbsup:

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    i actually thought it would be a draw.

    it was a good game of spot the englishman

    good game come on Liverpool

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    all about fenerbahce though


    do arsenal at anfield yehhh dream on mate !

    you really think your going to come to anfield with liverpools champions league record and do us...get real mate....prem form is nothing in this tourny ....rafa shows up poor wenger in the champions league.give wenger his dues he knows who and what to sign and how to play the long game in the premier league...but you wont have it easy at anfield...u had your chance tonight.

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    We will see next week i will be laughing so much.

    that and i think your comments on chelsea are a bit shortlived..the balls in there court thats a good result for them an away goal is fantastic to take to the bridge they should get through.

    i dont think arsenal played well tonight though mate you had some good chances the one where bendtner kept the ball out the net lol

    Chelsea and arsenal will go through.

    eboue was terrible. Walcott looked really good when he came on. Bendtner seemed like a lost child.

    Roll on the Barca v Chelsea final.

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    It would be good if shalke won but highly doubt that and then fenerbahce vs shalke and Man Utd Vs Arsenal


    I honestly think the outcome of the 2nd leg rests on what teams both managers decide to field on Saturday.

    Arsenal need to win to stay in the title race and Liverpool don't want to lose their 5 point cushion against Everton.

    Just hope its a good clean match on Saturday whatever the result! Got a lot of admiration for Arsenal.


    Liverpool to beat Ars*nal
    Man U to beat Roma
    Barca to beat Shalke
    Chelsea to beat Fenabache

    Man U to beat Barca
    Liverpool to beat Chelsea

    Man U to beat Liverpool.

    Personally I'd be happy with that - though would prefer to see Liverpool win the final.
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