Removing bracket which holds base on Sony Bravia

    I wall mounted my 40" Bravia yesterday, this included removing the base which it used to sit on.

    There is a mount which the base was screwed into that is still sticking out of the bottom of the TV.

    Anyone know how to remove this?



    Screwdriver ?


    Screwdriver ?

    On the screw and turn anti clockwise.....or get a hack saw.

    Normally there's a few screws..

    Whats the model number of the TV ?? ....could find you a manual

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    Original Poster

    I already took the base off(with a screwdriver)

    This is the 2" x 3" block that the base screws into, it protudes from the bottom of the TV and isn't very aestethically pleasing, can't seem to find what is connecting it to TV
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