Removing chewing gum from car seats

Posted 27th Mar 2009
I passed my test on Wednesday but one of my mates has dropped chewing gum in the back of my mums car so its now banned but I need to get it out.

I have picked most of it out but there are bits left inbetween the little groves that wont come out.

Any ideas on the best way to get it out?

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rub a ice cube on the gum will make it go hard then you should be able to scrap it of
Ice! and more ice.
Use WD40
Get ice cubes or freeze a something like an empty yoghurt pot for a bigger ice block. Place this on it for a few minutes and then should be solid enough to remove. You will need a towel to soak up the water it leaves. Don't be impatient with the ice, needs a good few minutes to make the gum very cold.

....and get your mum some flowers, it always works with me an my kids!

Use WD40

Yes this is great for lots of sticky things. But would not use if for this, it will smell odd for months, could stain clothes of passengers and might even stain the fabric
maybe try chewing gum remover;-)
get a can of compressed air from asda, turn it upside down and spray on the chewing gum, then break it out. worked for me when i got it on my coat
metal in a freezer for a few hours then on the seat for 15 mins
Same as Ice to freeze it off but without the water problem when it thaws

Hold the metal with a towel or something so it doesn't stick to your hand when cold
spray can of lighter gas on it to freeze it , the rub with a key :thumbsup: flames around tho!
make your mate sort it out
definately ice works a treat
Cheers for the replies, used the compressed air method in the end as I had a can next to the computer & it worked great thanks.

My mates will be cleaning it next time!!!

Will try & dish out some reps now.

Thanks alot
my brother (when he first started driving dad's car) helped by driving a road accident victim to hospital.

when he got home, my dad was not happy re: blood stains on the car seat. i heard my brother had a long hard cleaning day LOL. any suggestions how to rid blood stains on cloth material – just in case he decides to be a good samaritan again ...

reminds me of Pulp Fiction lol.

ice,ice baby

beat me to it! lol!
hairspray will harden it so you can pick then give the seat a clean with soapy water
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