Removing clothing in my settings for FS/FT

    Dunno about anyone else but all them kids and womens clothing threads in FS/FT are getting on my thrupenny bits. There is a good 4 threads per page. Is there a way i can filter these out in the settings?



    I posted about this a few weeks ago, some people said there was a way to filter them, but my thread got shut down so quickly by mods I didn't get told how to do it. Even tried pm'ing the mod who shut it down to ask how to do it, to no avail.

    Really annoys me all the clothes.

    I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't 1 item per thread with about 10 threads one after the other :x

    This frustrates me quite often, especially when I see the whole "2 of an item only" rule enforced on people and then you see someone listing 600 items of baby clothing just different colours.

    Is there a way i can filter these out in the settings?


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    Gah it sucks!

    there is sort of a filter if your in for sale /trade just go through each bit and dont click on clothing

    but know what you mean it really should have its own seperate bit
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