Removing laser engraving on iPad?

Found 23rd Mar
Can anyone please advise how to remove laser engraving from an iPad Air?

It's about 3 white lines of text.

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Return it to the original owner.
Buy a new one
_Whatever_23rd Mar

Buy a new one

How does that remove it from the first one?
Put it in a case?

Put it in a case?

Already is , but may wish to sell it
Best method is to engrave over the top, something like this

Won't be cheap though. Might be best to reduce the price and just sell it for less.
Just use some sandpaper and run over it until it goes
Return it to the original owner.
letslaughadam3 h, 56 m ago

Already is , but may wish to sell it

Does that not defeat the point of personal engraving?
I once had an ipod engraved with "if stolen please return to the guy chasing you".

So yeah I can see why people would need a way of removing it, seemed a good idea at the time but quickly realised it wasn't funny...
Get a coin and scratch it out.
Buy a new shell and switch all the hardware over (don't really recommend this).

Ignore the engraving and move on.

If you're selling. Drop £10-20 off the tag due to the engraving.

Buy a skin/sticker to cover the engraving.
Cover the back with a vinyl skin.
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