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Removing old storage heater socket boxes on wall

Posted 4th Oct 2014
Hello, I had my old storage heaters removed two years ago and the external switch boxes had plate covers put on them (however, one was removed and the hole filled in by the workmen who decorated my kitchen). I want to remove the boxes and fill the holes, etc. An electrician came out yesterday to fix my cooker hood and he has tested the old boxes and said that they are not live - there is still a separate storage heater fuse box/circuit board placed above my main fuse box and this has been switched off. Can somebody please tell me the best way to fill these holes please, prior to papering over, etc? Do the holes need to be totally filled in with something or can you place some tape or something across the hole and plaster over it? Would any cables under the boxes just need to be pushed back a bit further or cut off? Any advice would be appreciated, as my new bed frame is turning up on Monday and at the moment one of these old storage boxes is stuck in the way (behind where the headboard will be), which means that the bed will not be able to be pushed up flush to the skirting board. Thank you.
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