Removing scratches on sunglasses

Found 8th Aug 2009
Evening all, I wondered if anyone knows of any tips to remove/ polish out scratches on sunglasses lenses. Can I use Applesauce (b4 any wise cracks, it used to polish out scratches on iphones/ ipods)?

Are there any companies that do this, I 've done a brief net search but there is nothing condusive. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.
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brasso is t he stuff to use, it is a fine abrsive and will reove scratches form any plastic surface.
This is tha liquid not the wadding of course :thumbsup:
dont forget the slightly gentler t-cut from most car care shops....

CARPLAN (Original manuacturer)


[COLOR="Lime"]NEW T-cut Color Fast Scratch Removers

The latest T-cut innovation are T-cut Color Fast Scratch Removers with cutting edge nano-technology. The patented formula removes scratches, scuffs and blemishes, and adds colour in one easy application. The coloured pigments blend with all shades, creating a flawless colour-matched finish.

T-cut Color Fast Scratch Removers - the next generation of T-cut! [/COLOR]

before you go dousing these glasses in the goo - just use a fingertip drip on one lens, you'll be surprised what a little rubbing can do.... (no jokes pls!)

t-cut is meant for paint - (which are polymer based) so plastics should work just as well.

good luck.

I've heard wire wool is good for this kind of thing
lol @ wise cracks

I've heard wire wool is good for this kind of thing

Yeah I gonna try wire wool on my £160 D&G sunglasses, good advice, thanks :thumbsup:
I've used displex on mobile phone screens.

And G3 scratch remover on paintwork.

Both did a great job, maybe try displex?. Try it on some cheapo sunglasses first before trying in an expensive pair.
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