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    Ok this is a strange question but here goes

    i broke my tooth before i went on hols and went to see the dentist and was told she would put a crown on it when i came back from hols and after the 12th hols so im booked in for this wed. But since then the tooth has broke even more and now there is only a tiny bit and i mean a tiny bit left so i take it this means a crown is out of the question?

    my other questions are how much does it cost to remove a tooth? and what do they put in place on the tooth? how many appointments will it take to sort

    Sorry for the randomness but i dont go to the dentist often (joys of good teeth) and need to see if i have to dig out my HC2 form to cover the cost of treatment!


    Are you NHS or private?

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    i dont know i think nhs lol

    if i say the crown cost 140pounds would that help

    EDIT seeing as i have a hc2 form for part payment i must be nhs

    You would be surprised what they can attach a crown to these days. From your description, they may struggle - but as midlands hints at, you will probably find that a private dentist may be more likely to manage than an NHS....

    Are the teeth on either side in good nick?

    From 1st April 2006, the current roster of 400 different dental charges for treatments will be replaced by just three:

    £15.50 — examination, diagnosis and preventative care including X-rays, scale and polish
    £42.40 — fillings, root canal treatment, extractions
    £189 — complex courses of treatment and procedures such as the fitting of crowns, dentures or bridges
    No charge — writing a prescription, removing stitches, repairs to dentures

    That's if you are NHS...I'm unsure of private costs.

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    all teeth around it are in very good nick.

    there is part of the side of the tooth remaining.

    I have found that my dentist is more keen to keep people with their original teeth.

    my dentist has both private and nhs patients so i asume this could work in my favour

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    strange because i know the crown was 140 to do as she quoted the price on my 1st visit

    althought with my hc2 form its going to cost maximum of 100pounds to me no matter what the final cost is

    I would see what your dentist says, and if they say they cannot crown it, go for a consultation with a good (perhaps expensive) local private dentist, to see if they agree. The consultation itself will not be too expensive.

    If it isnt crownable, then you could be looking at a bridge instead.

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    mines is one of my side teeth (molars i think)

    i forgot to say the tooth has no root as it had to be taken out 2 years ago so maybe thats why its cheaper.

    im hoping for a crown

    I had a situation a while back where I was assaulted, and my front tooth went black. Went to my then NHS dentist, who said the tooth was dead and needed crowning(bearing in mind that there was no missing part of the tooth).

    Went for a second opinion with a private dentist, who couldnt understand the crowning thing, and simply root filled it. 8 years on, no issues hence why I would advise a second opinion if you arent happy with what they say.

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    ok i will look for a 2nd opinion if i dont like what the dentist says
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