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I am having a bit of a disaster morning today so I need some advice guys.

About 8 tiles fell off the toilet wall and broke. I thought about putting some replacement tiles up but then it all went wrong. I won't go into what went wrong but that it went wrong.

I have therefore had enough of these blooming tiles so I am wondering how easy would it be to remove all the tiles and re-skim the wall. I won't be doing it so I will be getting a plasterer in.

However, my question is, how easy is it to remove all the tiles, sand down the wall and re-skim? Is this a huge job? The area is about 2m x 2m, so not a huge area.
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Depends upon how well the tiles were put on in the first place - if they fell off by themselves not very well I'd suggest.

Remaining tiles need to be taken off with a chisel and hammer - scraping any adhesive from the walls. Any remaining adhesive can be sprayed with water which will soften it and make it easier to remove (easier for non waterproof adhesive). If reskimming it needn't be perfect - you will have the odd gouge into the plaster and the odd protrusion of adhesive left!

2m by 2m is not a large area, just need some elbow grease - probably take a couple of hours. Best to wear a pair of gloves to save your knuckles from scrapes!
Last time I did that we ended up back at bare brick. It really depends on how they were put up and the state of the plaster beneath.
Anytime I need to learn something new (putting up shelves, filling a hole in a wall etc etc), first place I go to is youtube click.
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Easiest way to remove them is get a tool for your hammer drill, let the drill do all the work.
I use a wallpaper scraper to pull tiles off. It puts pressure on all of the tile instead of just one area so they normally come off in one piece.
tiles don't just fall off, you might need find out why before you do anything
they do tile removing blades for these multi tools if you have one, think lidl had the kit in for about a fiver.
SDS rotary hammer drill with tile chisel. Knife through butter easy. You can buy cheap drills from screw fix fleebay etc
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