Renault Megane Keycard

    So my Dad went to pick up some wine last night in my Mum's car. Pay & Display car park so he walked to the ticket machine, got the ticket, walked back to the car and sat in the drivers seat to put the ticket on the dash. There were loads of old tickets on the dash so he scooped them all up and put his ticket on the dash. Glanced to the passenger seat and noticed a whole load of rubbish in the footwell that wasn't there before. Looked across the car park 5 spaces away and noticed another blue Renault Megane convertible (same year reg) and realised he was sitting in someone else's car! Got out pretty sharpish with the ticket and put it in my Mum's car.

    Just imagining the other puzzled driver getting back to their car to find their interior all neatly tidied up. Renault trying to save money with "one key fits all Megane's" keycard??!


    I hope they dont fit all, i just bought a megane for my wife in April.


    surely there are some basic security measures in place they need to follow.

    Just got the dreaded faulty front electric window fault on my megane yesterday,£450 to fix but Renault offering to do it for £90,good will gesture as known fault,but doing my best to get it fixed for free under warranty,technically 3 year warranty was up end of sept but paperwork says 1st November,now booked in for repair on 3rd November so hoping to save £90, never mind £450
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