Renault Scenic 2006 dashboard failed - known fault? Please help

Posted 25th Oct 2015
My car (a 2006 Renault megane scenic 1.6) dashboard failed on my way home tonight. As it is a full electronic display it was a rather dangerous journey back home in the dark; I couldn't see the speed/ oil level. Also the left/right signals and the hazard warning lights wouldn't switch on.

I will be calling Renault first thing tomorrow morning. Upon some googling I had found in a BBC Watchdog article that dashboard failure seems to be a known fault for the Scenic. A lot of people seem to say the repair would cost £500 which is quite a lot of money for a 9 year old car.

Is that a fair price to pay for an electronic dashboard repair? And since it appears to be a known fault can I possibly ask Renault to repair for a discount? Please help £500 is quite a lot for my family
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Try taking the negative battery lead off for 15 to 20 secs, it resets the engine control modual so worth a shot.
yes do above get a diagnostic test done
maybe emulator problem try this
Renault CAN bus EMULATOR for SCENIC 2 dash Instrument cluster repair -…lHA
or get one from scrapyard
Don't go to a main dealer and Renault will fob you off
Pretty much every scenic made the dash failed in. Second hand wil b the way to go
Reault will replace it. It should cost £500 but because it's a recognised problem they cover £350 of it. Theres no easy fix. It happens to all of them.
I have a 2004 scenic and same thing happened to me and as mentioned it's a common fault and Renault replace them at a reduced cost.
it cost £150 last year for mine but I was still under the garage warranty I got the car from so they paid it.
be aware though the new one has zero miles on the clock so make a note of the present mileage.
Thanks everyone for all the kind words and suggestions. Rang Renault today and got an appointment booked in next week, £150 including all parts/work/VAT. Almost had to pay the full price of £500-600 since my car has 55 plate and this so-called discount doesn't cover vehicle older than 10 years (my car is about 3 months shy of 10 years old).

Just want to thank you again!! Probably would have scrapped the car if I had to fork out £500 for the repair
French cars appear quite often on watchdog. Food for thought when purchasing another car to stay away from them, particularly Renault. In addition to your fault their has been the instances of the Clio bonnet catch failure causing the bonnet to flip up at speed as well as the self destructing engines on the Laguna when they start to eat their own engine oil. Then there was the instance with the Peugeots that set on fire. These are only ones that I can recall but am sure there are many more yet these examples were 'no known faults reported.....until watchdog got involved.
To be fair the clio fault only occurred when the bonnet wasn't closed correctly. The catch that often seized through poor maintenance was a secondary release.
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